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Meet Our Staff Family


I'd like for you to meet our staff family.  You already know Dr. Barnes but now I'd like for you to get to know who really makes this place work!


Janet Coffee - What can I say?  She simply keeps the show alive!  Janet has worked in our office since birth.  Well, not really, but since high school anyway.  She loves her job with a passion that is indescribable.  Janet is probably the first person you'll meet in our office.  She is also one of our resident grandmothers.

Patty Patterson, RDA - Same thing as Janet, I'm not sure how to summarize Patty.  Whatever the task Patty takes it on with full gusto.  She has worked in our office for 20 years or so.  Her loyalty and hard work mean the most to me and to our patients.  Patty is also a resident grandmother.  She'll gladly share photos when asked!

Tami Burton, RDH - As our longest tenured hygienist, Tami knows her stuff!  She is more than a teeth cleaner.  She truly wants our patient family to keep their teeth for a lifetime.  I never have to worry about Tami and you won't either.  You can count on excellent care and good conversation.  She and her husband, Jeff, love bacon and dogs!

Ashlee Hendon, RDH - Ashlee has been described as the sweetest person people know.  I'd have to agree.  In addition, she loves her job and helping people understand how to keep their oral health in tip-top shape!  Ashlee has worked for us for years and we are thankful for it.  Josh is her loyal husband and shares parenting joy to their beautiful young daughters.

Shayne Young, RDH - Shayne is our rookie hygienist although she's been with us for several years and has worked in dental hygiene for many more.  You'll love her!  She's meticulous and in tune with patient's needs. Although she's from Arkansas, we love her anyway!  She and her husband, Rob, have two active boys. 


Terri Gober, RDA

Katelyn Kent, RDA

Molly Leadbeatter, RDA